require no replacement of germ filled filters

Air Halo Portable

Micro-lightning Technology

Available Now for

US$ 199

HK$ 1550 


You deserve to breathe pure clean air

Ensure clean and healthy air anywhere: Work, Car, Home, Travelling Public Places




The need for an

Air Sanitizer

Air is full of bacteria, virus, fungi, and VOCs which can harm our health.

Airborne Bacteria can lead to influenza, tuberculosis, pneumonia & chicken pox.


Volatile Organic Compounds can cause eye, nose and throat irritation, headaches, loss of coordination, nausea and even damage our vital organs: liver, kidney and central nervous system.


Air Halo Benefits

Air Halo’s Plascide technology delivers superior efficiency to eliminate viruses, bacteria and fungi when comparing to Ultra-Violet (UV) irradiation, Photo-Catalyst Oxidation (PCO) and ionisers. Plascide does not rely on filters which have zero-sanitization and can release pathogens during replacement.

Attaining IAQ excellent classification standard

More effective than other sanitization

technologies such as UV

Achievable anti-pathogen efficacy

  What is Plasma?

  • Plasma is the fourth state of matter

  • An electrically energized and ionized gaseous state consisting of positive ions and negative electrons

How does Plascide work?

Within the Plascide air sanitization reactor, an intense ionized gas field is generated at room temperature propelling the particles into an energetic state. The ionized electrons shatter the biological pathogens and VOCs.

In other words, Plascide technology creates a micro-lightning plasma thundercloud to eliminate germs, VOCs as well as odor.

Reduces Volatile Organic Compounds

Eradicates viruses and other similar pathogens

Destroys airborne bacteria

Verified Proven Technology

The performance of Plascide micro-lightning plasma technology is

validated by well-known laboratory/authority - SGS & Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (PRC)

The capability of killing germs have been verified by laboratories such

as Hong Kong University and City University of Hong Kong

Center for Disease Control and Prevention 
City University of
Hong Kong
The Univeristy of
Hong Kong
Société Générale de

Worldwide Patented Plascide Technology

Plascide technology is protected by intellectual property rights in       Hong Kong, US, Canada, Japan, Korea and Europe.

Organizations Utilizing Plascide Technology

How to choose the best air sanitizer?

The Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) uses to test and quantify air purification performance of an air sanitizer, i.e., its effectiveness and efficiency. It takes into account the sanitization time, size of a test room and percentage of airborne bacteria being disinfected.

The energy consumption is another factor to evaluate the rank of an air sanitizer.

Our company aims to innovate new solutions with technology that ensures clean and  sanitized environments, essential to improve the quality of life for everyone.




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